Stefano Schirato LuganoAward 7th edition winner with the project "Awakenings"
for the category IBSA Foundation – COVID19
is the overall winner of LuganoAward 2020
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congratulations to Tamara Eckhardt
category winner
Reportage & Documentary with the project "The Children of Carrowbrowne" Look at the photos
congratulations to Alessandro Falco
category winner
Wildlife & Nature with the project "Inferno verde" Look at the photos
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International photo contest by LuganoPhotoDays



Silvia Misiti

Director of IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research

Pierpaolo Mittica

photographer (Italy)

Benjamin Leterrier

photo editor (France)

Marco Cortesi

director of LuganoPhotoDays (Switzerland)

Joseph Rodriguez

photographer (USA)

Pierluigi Rizzato

photographer (Italy)

Jo-Anne McArthur

photographer (Canada)

Didier Ruef

photographer (Switzerland)

Greg Lecoeur

underwater photographer (France)

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We asked the winners of past editions to tell us what they think

I decided to participate in the LuganoAward after seeing the quality of the awarded works in previous years.
I moved a few years ago to the Amazon to focus on a long-term documentation of environmental issues within the world’s largest rainforest, and receiving an award in the Wildlife and Nature category will allow me to fund a small new chapter of this project.
Alessandro Falco

Alessandro Falco

winner LuganoAward 2020

When they told me that I had won both the IBSA Foundation – Covid19 section and the overall winner of Lugano Award, I couldn’t believe it.
It is the first time that a “zero kilometer” work has managed to have such a great echo.
I proposed Awakenings at LuganoPhotoDays because it is a very serious international competition and because I was struck by the quality of the winners of the previous editions and also because I believed that a work that spoke of Covid not as death, but as a return to life was important. I thank all the jury.

Stefano Schirato

Stefano Schirato

winner LuganoAward 2020

I chose LuganoPhotoDays to propose the work on the Balkan route because I was impressed by the quality of the previous editions and the authors who had participated and won.
It was gratifying to receive the first Reportage prize, to be hosted, to have the exhibition, the catalogue and also the Fujifilm prize.
The award opened up further possibilities for me to continue my work on the infrared border in Mexico, and to exhibit a future exhibition in Turin (Italy) and various publications.

Enrico Carpegna

Enrico Carpegna

winner LuganoPhotoDays 2019

Winning the LuganoPhotoDays photo contest was a great early-career opportunity to have my work exhibited and to meet professionals in the delightful setting of Lugano. Thanks for everything!

Thomas Brasey

Thomas Brasey

winner LuganoPhotoDays 2014

The victory in 2015 with project named “Kopankas”, gave me new energy and motivation to deepen the history of the Donbass coal miners

Giorgio Bianchi

Giorgio Bianchi

winner LuganoPhotoDays 2015

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